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Rheumatoid arthritis. The knee may come blown and cartilage may be destroyed. Ligament injuries. Anterior cruciate ligament( ACL) injuries generally affect from a unforeseen wringing stir. Injuries to the posterior cruciate ligament( PCL) are generally caused by a direct impact, like impact from a auto accident or sports conditioning. Tendon injuries. These can range from inflammation to a gash, most probably from overuse in sports or from a fall. Cartilage injuries and diseases. Injury, overuse, muscle weakness, or misalignment of the knee can soften the cartilage of the kneecap, or a blow to the knee may tear off a piece of cartilage.

Kneebio heat compress pro provide localized heat therapy, which can help alleviate knee pain caused by various conditions, such as arthritis, muscle strains, ligament injuries, or general soreness. The heat helps to relax muscles, improve blood circulation, and reduce stiffness in the knee joint


Looking for a natural method to get your morning joints moving? Close the medicine cabinet and try  time-tested remedy: heat.

Try heating things up if you have a chronic ailment like fibromyalgia, arthritis,  One of the oldest, cheapest, and safest forms of alternative therapy is soaking in warm water or applying a hot compress. Heat treatments have been found in studies to release stiff joints and soothe achy muscles.

The following is how it works. Warming up a stiff joint or a fatigued muscle causes your blood vessels to dilate. This increases the amount of blood, oxygen, and nutrients given to the wounded tissues. Better circulation means less stiffness in those muscles.

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